Since 2008 Kitemasters is certified by the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) as an IKO Affiliated Center 

Kitemasters follows IKO teaching standards and methods that are recognized worlwide.
Our instructional program is sectioned into different skill levels that can be achieved by students during their learning process.

Students can be evaluated by our IKO instructor and certified with a IKO Kiteboarder Card which shows their level. By presenting this card (similar to a PADI card for SCUBA diving) to any IKO center worldwide, the student can continue their training, rent equipment suited to their level, and receive discounts on goods and services.

IKO Kiteboarder Card

We have beginner lessons, intermediate lessons and advanced lessons. So if you have no kiteboarding experience or if you just want to improve your riding skills, Kitemasters has the safe and fun environment that you've been looking for!


  • First, we will teach you all the safety procedures (use of the emergency release, self rescue, risk assessment ) and work on your kite flying skills on land (no kite in the power zone!). You will also learn to launch and land your kite with the help of an assistant.
  • Once you are comfortable piloting your kite at the edge of the wind window, we will go with you in the water for the first bodydrag. We'll review bodydragging upwind, diving the kite in the power zone, relaunching the kite from the water, and performing a self rescue in deep water.
  • Next, you will perform a solo bodydrag with a radio-equiped helmet so we can give you the right instructions and correct your mistakes.
  • Once comfortable with piloting the kite safely in the power zone, you'll be ready for your board lesson: waterstarting, riding downwind and finally ripping upwind.

For each of these steps, our goal is to teach you to be
safe (risk assessment, use of safety devices, self rescue procedure...) and independant : once a task has been achieved, we make sure that you are completely confortable with reproducing it without our instructions.

Lessons must be booked in advance
and are by appointment only.

Pricing for Radio assisted lessons

> Introduction to kiteboarding
Get a feel of what kiteboarding is all about. Learn to fly a kite and acquire the basic kite flying skills as well as safety basics. Beach lesson. 200USD. 2-3 hours

> Refresher lesson
You haven't been kiting for a while, and want a refresher lesson. Safety, Self rescue, self lauching, self landing and more. 100USD/hour

> 3 days full kiteboarding package
This 6 hours lesson package will take you from learning to fly a kite, mastering all the safety required techniques, bodydraging up to your first waterstarts on the board.
We only believe in private lessons, because it is the only way we can assure your full safety and make sure you get the best and most enjoyable experience.
Pricing is 540USD for private 1 on 1 instruction, including all gear and IKO certification for students.

> Intermediate to advanced lessons
You are an independant kiter but want to take it to the next level. Going upwind, turns, toeside riding, jumps, transition, directional board riding and gibing, kiteloops,...   
These fully customized 1 on 1 private lessons are 100USD/hour. Coaching is given from the shore as well as from the water using waterproof radio helmets.

Call or email to be on the schedule and we'll confirm your time and date. A confirmation call will be given the day of the lesson at 12:00PM to let you know the latest wind forecast update.
Lessons are given 7 days / week and take place in Belmont Shore, City of Long Beach, California.
Lessons usually start around 2:00PM.

We provide lessons in English, Spanish and French.

All Payments to be made before the Lessons.
We teach 7 days a week. Minimum wind required is 10 knots.We stopped teaching 25 kts +
Weather & Lesson Confirmation: Too much wind, too little wind, stormy weather, rainy, etc. No matter what,
a confirmation call will be given the day of the lesson at 12:00PM to let you know the latest wind forecast update.
Kitemasters can't be hold responsible for weather conditions , and Instructors are sole judges and authorities to conduct or not their lessons for the safety of the customers.

IKO IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) is an independent and international organization founded in November 2001 in order to promote kiteboarding worldwide. Through the development of a professional network of affiliated kiteboarding centers and trained instructors and examiners, IKO provides a high quality level of teaching, with standards that are recognized and applied worldwide.

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